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                                                          Farid Imanzadeh, M.D.

                                                  Associate Professor of medicine

                                  5 East KAMRAN FAYYAZI Ave North VALIASR Ave

                                                         Tehran, Iran 19976-63171

                                                         Office: +98212704816-7

                                                         Mobile: +989121148156

                                                            Fax:  +982122909128

                                                    Email: drimanzadeh@yahoo.com


Personal Information                                                      

Date of Birth: May 22, 1958



Doctor of Medicine                                           Tehran Medical University 1983

            Board of Medicine                                            Children’s Medical Center-Tehran University 1989

Board of Pediatric Gastroenterology                Children’s Medical Center-Tehran University 1994

And Nutrition

Associated Profiessor

Professional Experience


Ministry of Health and Education of Medical Science

Director of admission for Residency examination and acceptance of the Pediatric Section


Director of the pre Internship examination of the pediatric Section (1997-2008)

Member of excutive Committee of  Natrion and drug (2009 –present)

Member of executive committee Prepriing new programs for General physician,s Training(2000-2010)

Non Governmental Organization

Member of executive committee of Iranian Pediatric Nutrition Society           (2003-present)

Member of executive committee for Iranian Breastfeeding Society                 (2003-present)

Director of Iranian Scientific Breastfeeding Promotion Society                       (2005-present)

Member of executive committee of medical council- Ilam                               (1989-1992)

Member of High Commission of Patients’ verification of Forensic (coroner)  (2005-Present)

Member of High Commission of Patients’ verification of Medical Council     (2005-Present)

Member of executive committee for well being of Physicians of Medical Council(2009- Present)

Director of Iranian breast feeding society (              )

Head of the Iranian breast feeding society(                 )



Shahid Beheshti Medical University

Director of Pediatric Residecy Program                                                                    (2002-2007)

Director of Research of Pediatric Group of the University                                       (2001-2004)

Member of Executive Committee of Personnel Management for Medical Reasons (2000-present)

Member of Executive Committee of New Medical Training Methods of Pediatrics and Gastroenterology


Coordinator of Pediatric Gastroenterology in EDC (New teaching methods for new medical students(2003 -present)

Director of dejection of  Pediatrics of group of shahid beheshti  medical university  (2011)



Mofid Children’s Hospital

Vice president of pediatric Gastroenterology Section                                        (2002-present)

Director of 3 Pediatric Emergencies congresses                                                (2005-2006-2007)

Director of 3 Pediatric Emergencies and common disesses                           (2008-2009)

National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) Hospital

Director of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Endoscopiys                                     (1996-2007)


Shahid Beheshti Clinic

Director of Endoscopiys Section                                                                         (1992-1996)


Hoseinieh Ershad Hospital

Head of Pediatric Ward                                                                                       (1994-1997)


Imam Khomeini Hospital-Ilam

Vice president of Hospital                                                                                   (1988-1992)

Head of Pediatric Ward                                                                                       (1988-1992)


Children’s Medical center- Tehran Medical University

Chief Resident                                                                                                      (1990-1991)


Amir Kabir Children’s Medical Center

Chief Resident


Consultant Pediatrician                                                                                          

Day Hospital                                                                                                              Present

Mehrad Hospital                                                                                                       (2005-2008)

Tehran Children’s Hospital                                                                                       Present     

Casra Hospital                                                                                                           Present


Research Experience

Etiology of Major accidents in children less than six years old

Relationship of Helicobacter Pylori infection in children with their parent’s illness

Relationship of Helicobacter Pylori infection in Children with other Factors

Etiology of GI bleedings in Iranian pediatrics

Prevalence of celiac disease in patients present in Mofid Children’s Hospital

Prevalence of Hepatic Finding in Wilson’s disease in patients present in Mofid Children’s Hospital

Prevalence of gastro esophageal reflux disease in addition to vomiting in pediatric patients of Children’s Medical Center and Mofid Children’s Hospital






Failure to Thrive (FTT) in text book of pediatrics

GI bleeding in Pediatrics in text book of Pediatrics

Abdominal pain and peptic disease in Children

Etiology of Lower GI bleeding in Pediatric (Journal Pediatric Gastroenterology –Canadian)

Many Manuscripts in Medical Journals

More than fifty publication to internship and residency programs

More than ten



Public Speaking

Study of two hundred Iranian Patients with abdominal pain in Iranian Children    1996    Acapulco, Mexico

Etiology of upper GI bleeding in Iranian Children- Rome, Italy   1999

Chronic active Hepatitis in Iranian Children – Bangkok- Thailand   2002

Many other speaking in Dr. Gharib Congress and International Tehran Medical University pediatric Congress (published)          1994-2004

Poster presentation in European Gastroenterology week Congress   1996-2004



Persian more than 30

English: 12- 4 papers registered in ISI



Selected as the best  physician of Shaheed Beheshti Medical University              (2001-2005-2008)                                                                                  Selected  as the best physician by Ministry of Health                                              2007

Appreciated as  one of the best director of edujcational and  research by Edujcated Chancellor  of the  University (2009-2010)

Appreciated as  one of the best director for CongressActivties by Recherch Chancellor  of the  University (2005-2006-2007-2008-2009)




Traveling, Sport



Available upon request









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