Dr. Mansour Bahrami (President of Iranian Society of Pediatrics)


Name: Mansour Bahrami

Date of Birth: August 25,1939

Address: Mehrad General hospital

Mir-emad st., Motahari Avenue, Tehran, Iran

Zip code: 1587963111

E-mail: drbahrami2015@gmail.com

Educational background:

M.D. Degree Tehran University of Medical Sciences                                   1959 -1966

Pediatric Residency Tehran University of Medical Sciences                        1970 -1973

Chief Resident Children medical Center (Markaz Tebbi Koodakan)            1972 -1973

Other trainings:

1) Pediatric training in Preventive Medicine and Hygiene at Johns Hopkins University,

Baltomore, MA, USA                                                                                     1977

2) National Institute of Nutrition; Hyderabad, India                                       1976

3)Breastfeeding at the Child Health Institute, London, UK                             1991

4)Reproductive Health Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh                                         1995

5)Diarrhea Research Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh                                             1996

Positions & Responsibilities:

President of Iranian Society of Pediatric                                                           2020 –

Member of standing Committee of International Pediatric Association            2019 –

CEO of Mehrad General Hospital                                                                       2017- 2019

Chairman of the Board of directors of Mehrad General Hospital                       2015 – 2017

Member of the Board of Directors of Mehrad General Hospital                         2013 – 2015

Secretariat for Continuous Medical Education at Beheshti Medical University 2005 – 2007

Head of Pediatrics Department of Shohada Medical Center                               1983 – 2003

Deputy Director for Academics at Shahid Beheshti Medical University            1973 – 1983

Member of Board of Pediatric Examiners                                                           1973 – 1983

Member of Board of Directors of Iranian Pediatric Association

Chairman for Journal of Comprehensive Pediatrics (Official Quarterly Journal of Iranian Society

of Pediatrics)                                                                                                       2010 –

Editor in Chief for Breastfeeding Journal                                                           2000 -2018

Regular Speaker at all National Pediatric Congress in Iran                               1976 –

Regular Speaker at all Congress for Academic Nutrition Association               2009 –

Publications in:

Iranian Pediatrics Association Publications

Breastfeeding Journal

Newsletter for Pediatrician Association of Iran

Research Projects:

Research on child nutritional status of children deported from Iraq at the time of Sadam